China's mold industry development trend is gratifying

China's mold industry development trend is gratifying The modern mold industry has the name of “not dying industry”. The global mold market is generally in short supply, and the market demand is maintained at 60 billion to 65 billion US dollars per year. At the same time, China's mold industry also ushered in a new round of development opportunities. In recent years, the total output value of the mold industry in China has maintained an annual growth rate of 13%, and the export volume of molds and mold standard parts has continuously increased. In terms of the automotive industry alone, the number of molds required for a single model of a car is several hundred million yuan, and about 80% of the molds need to be replaced when a car is replaced.

In addition, the demand for molds for electronic and communication products is also very large. In developed countries, they often account for as much as 20% of the total mold market. At present, 60%-80% of parts and components in electronics, automobiles, motors, electrical appliances, instruments, meters, home appliances, telecommunications, and military products all rely on molding. The high precision, high complexity, high consistency, high productivity, and low consumption exhibited by the parts molded with the mold are unmatched by other manufacturing methods. The mold determines the quality, efficiency, and development capabilities of the product to a large extent. According to the China Die and Mould Industry Association, the number of companies in the mold industry in China and the total number of employees have leapt to the top in the world, and production sales have leapt to third place in the world.

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