China's first precision hydraulic crusher production line put into operation in Hong Kong

Recently, China's first precision hydraulic crusher production line was formally put into operation at Qinhuangdao Riwan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Qinhuangdao Riwan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of precision hydraulic crushers and hydraulic destroyers. In 2007, the company introduced advanced technology from South Korea, hired Korean experts and technicians on-site guidance, and after introduction, digestion, and absorption, the first precision hydraulic crusher production line was finally successfully developed, and all its raw materials were domestically produced.

At present, the production of most of the domestic precision hydraulic crushers is monopolized by countries such as South Korea and Japan. The company's new production line will produce 1,000 precision hydraulic crushers each year, and some of its products and parts will be sold to South Korea. The products are mainly used for excavation of mines, highways, and demolition, etc. Since the raw materials are all domestically produced, their cost is lower than that of imported products. 20% - 30%.

Stainless steel thick-film heating tubes of GIDAPE®ANDETONG® series manufactured by JIEDA company are tubular structures, which allows rapid water flow and instant heat carrying. Under the same conditions, GIDAPE® ANDETONG® series has many application advantages, such as large heating area, high heat conduction efficiency (≥98%), rapid thermal response (≥80 â„ƒ~150℃/S), long working life (≥10000 hours), etc.

Advantage Of Bearing Pressure Thick Film Heater


JIEDA 2200W thick film heating element consists of stainless steel thick-film heating pipe, outer protective shell, water inlet and outlet joints, anti-dry thermostat, power cord, etc. It can be fixed on sides, with 10mm and G1/8 diameter connecting orifice.

This type of heating body is an intelligent temperature control thick film heating body. It can work with the PCB circuit control system, so that the pre-set temperature and hot water quantity can be decided.



At present, thick film heating tube(heating body) of GIDAPE®ANDETONG® series has been successfully applied to fluid heating field, such as: instant hot water dispenser, quick hot water boiler, pipeline machine, electric heat faucet, kitchen under sink water heater, sous vide, dishwasher, milk machine, coffee machine, dishing industrial equipment and so on.

Application Of Thick Film Heater

2200W Eelectric Heating Element

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