Car urea to develop brand building is the key

A paper document from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the country is finally settled dust. This policy encouragement is undoubtedly a boon to the domestic automotive urea market. Car urea has become a hot vocabulary. As the market opportunities and development opportunities that all the business people look forward to are on the verge of looming, the mystery of car urea is unveiled. What kind of market prospects does domestic car urea face in the future? Market development? The China Truck Network reporter recently interviewed Tao Jiaming, chief technical expert of the Dean of Technology and Economics Research Institute of Sichuan Meifengjia Blue Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., to further understand the development of domestic vehicle urea.

Mr. Tao Jiaming, Chief Technical Expert, Dean, Technical Economics Institute, Meifengjia Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Mr. Tao Jiaming, Chief Technical Expert, Dean, Technical Economics Institute, Meifengjia Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2015, the explosive consumption of heavy trucks will be the key

The establishment of a new industry and a newly developed product in the market must have its decisive factors. In 2014, China’s overall macro economy maintained its growth momentum, and its target for China’s GDP was expected to increase by around 7.5%. The implementation of the national IV emission standard policy has further landed, and sales of the four vehicles using SCR technology are expected to grow steadily. President Tao Jiaming pointed out: On the one hand, with the increasing calls for environmental governance, the country’s emphasis on environmental governance has increased. The scope and intensity of the implementation of the State Fourth has increased irreversible; on the other hand, the rapid development of the logistics industry, "demand" for trucks The increase in potential demand for dump trucks and special-purpose vehicles has driven the sales of national four-vehicle vehicles to continue to increase.

The sales volume of vehicle urea increased gradually in recent years. In 2011, the market sales volume was approximately 11,000 tons; in 2012, the market sales volume was approximately 15,000 tons; in 2013, the market sales volume was approximately 20,000 tons, and Dean Tao Jiaming analyzed: Based on The National IV emission standard is gradually expanding and implementation is expected. It is expected that the China AdBlue market will enter the initial stage of the start-up in 2014 and the annual sales volume will reach 50-80,000 tons. With the full implementation of the Fourth National Emission Standard, it is expected that it will usher in explosive growth in 2015.

Analysis of the consumer groups of products helps their accurate delivery in the market. President Tao said: “In the future, the development of the market will be the largest consumer group in terms of market share.” According to data analysis, at this stage, heavy trucks account for 40% of the market share. In the relatively mature stage, heavy trucks will occupy the market share of vehicle urea. 50%. For the automotive urea market, heavy truck consumption will become a key issue that needs to be seriously considered.

The quality of car urea is no small matter to be strictly controlled

As a urea solution with a concentration of 32.5%, vehicle urea seems to be simple to produce, so it has attracted many manufacturers to try their best, making the car urea products on the market mixed, small workshops around the production is not difficult to find . So, is the production of urea for vehicles just a certain proportion of aqueous solution? of course not.

10L Specifications Urea Products for Vehicle
10L Specifications Urea Products for Vehicle

President Tao said: “The quality of car urea is very important, so we must strictly control the quality of AdBlue. During the entire production process of the product, quality control is not just a slogan!” as a heavy-duty diesel vehicle to achieve the national four or more emission standards The essential consumables, the quality of car urea is crucial. Inferior vehicle urea will not only affect the exhaust emissions of motor vehicles, but also cause harm to the SCR system. Studies have shown that 1 gram of salt is enough to contaminate a ton of AdBlue!

From several perspectives, the accumulation of insolubles in urea for vehicles may block the infusion lines and nozzles of the SCR system, and it can also block the pores of the catalyst, affecting the catalytic effect, and in severe cases can damage the engine. Impurities, phosphates, and metal ions (sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, chromium, copper, nickel, and aluminum) in AdBlue affect the activity of the SCR catalyst, which in turn affects the catalytic reduction efficiency. In general, the impact of urea on poor quality vehicles is manifested in: catalyst poisoning; clogging of pipelines and nozzles; damage to SCR systems; affecting the normal operation of vehicles; increasing equipment maintenance costs and increasing vehicle operating costs. The high-quality AdBlue can extend the service life of SCR systems, reduce maintenance costs, improve operational capabilities, and save operating costs. Therefore, the production control and rigorous quality inspection of all parts of the vehicle urea are indispensable.

Car urea brand road has just begun

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China announced on the 27th of December 2014 that “the “announcement” applicable to the third phase of the national automobile emission standard diesel vehicle product “announcement” will be abolished on December 31, 2014, and the national diesel vehicle product will not be available for sale on January 1, 2015 . The implementation of the National IV will undoubtedly be beneficial to the domestic automotive urea market. Vehicle urea, which is closely related to the fourth national emission standard for heavy-duty diesel engines, is also considered to be a good thing. However, opportunities have always been accompanied by numerous obstacles at any time. The development of car urea in the domestic market is still not clear. In other words, the road to brand building of automotive urea has only just begun.

SCR post-processing technology
SCR post-processing technology

Regarding the brand development of automotive urea, President Tao said: “Sichuan Meifeng adheres to the goal of improving product quality and building a well-known brand, providing safe and reliable products to the market, and at the same time adopting the market strategy for China’s AdBlue. Feng Jialan, in its own right, has plans in the following five areas: the adoption of the marketing model of 'direct sales + distribution + retail chain + exports'; the establishment of a scientific logistics hub and regional warehouse, cooperation with high quality logistics providers; emphasis on heavy trucks The market, as well as customer and engineering vehicles, cooperate with domestic automakers to provide after-sales services, set up compounding stations in key regions, shorten transportation distances and improve product competitiveness; strengthen retail market management and build reliable shopping channels.”

China has a vast territory, a complex climate, and severely uneven regional economic development; the market is confusing, counterfeit goods are easy to breed, and brand management is difficult; and AdBlue is a liquid product, which has high logistics transportation costs and is limited; as an exhaust gas treatment product, AdBlue is subject to National policies have a great influence. The influence of many factors makes it not easy to promote vehicle urea in the domestic market. In any case, there is still a long way to go for the construction of a car urea brand in China. However, the objective demand for the automotive urea market continues to increase. At the same time, the consumer’s subjective awareness of the product continues to increase. With the growth of the sales volume of the national four-vehicle vehicle, the vehicle urea channel will expand faster and faster. In China, brand building will inevitably be the key to the long-term development of vehicle urea in China.