Broad range of bio-identification technology helps facilitate access control security upgrades

Recently, artificial intelligence has been the concern of midsummer heat, the degree of heat wave after wave. In March of this year, artificial intelligence was included in the government work report as a strategic development technology. On July 20, the State Council issued the "New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" to all local governments, ministries and commissions and agencies directly under the Central Government and proposed the guiding ideology, strategic objectives, key tasks and safeguards for the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence in China in 2030, The deployment will build the first mover advantage of the development of artificial intelligence in our country and accelerate the building of an innovative country and world's scientific and technological power. Various status shows that artificial intelligence will become the next outlet after the Internet +.

2016 World Internet Conference, "brush face" technology can be described as a fire. Every session of the Internet Conference put the security work on an important position. This year's Internet Conference is different from the past in the management of entrances and exits. Here it is all about brushing your face. After the security channel, photos and information are displayed on the big screen, so that security officers do not need to ask directly enter the scene, greatly increasing the efficiency of customs clearance. In view of this, biometric identification has greatly developed in the field of access control.

The difference between RFID access and biometric access control

Access control now has more advanced technology and new application market, and now used in access control technology: bar code, magnetic bar code, radio frequency identification, biometrics and so on. One RFID access control and biometric access control is the development of two major trends in access control.

The biggest difference between RFID access control and biometric access control is that the media and methods of authentication are different. The RFID access control is based on the ID card and the IC smart card, and the authentication media is easily lost and damaged, and the ID card is relatively easy to copy. Biometric access control currently fingerprint, palm, face, iris and other identification methods, certification media will not be lost, better security. RFID access control and biometric access control in a variety of different requirements and applications have been widely adopted. However, due to the bottleneck of technology development, there are still some problems and practical difficulties in the aspects of stability, application cost and system construction. Of course, with the continuous development of technology, some of these problems have been solved. In order to improve system security and applicability, multiple authentication modes such as smart card multiple authentication, smart card + password authentication and biometrics + smart card authentication have been developed.

Application of Biometrics in Access Control

Application of more biometric access control systems have fingerprint identification access control, face recognition access control, identification of palm print access control and iris identification access control.

Face recognition system

Face recognition access control is a face recognition access control and attendance products that can be run offline, it is located in the high-end access control attendance market, partially replace the current market credit card, fingerprint access attendance machine.

Internet Conference is the moment for enterprises to show their own technology, Baidu's brush face access based on the live video provided by Baidu, the user as long as the first time in the park to provide ID card scanning and enter a real-time photograph, took 10 seconds, the user After that you can "brush face" throughout the gates of the Department of Urumqi traffic. Baidu described the application of the technology scene: "When the future of the city face gate technology more applied to life, then people on the train, go home may no longer need the key, or even face with air conditioning, washing machines, etc. Household appliances adjusted. "

In the internal letter, Baidu mentions face recognition gate opportunity to learn and recognize multiple detected facial feature points based on deep neural network machine learning algorithm. The whole project runs through R & D, hardware, technical support, deep learning laboratory , AI platform department, process information management department and internal communication department. Baidu's face recognition system accuracy of 98%.

Fingerprint Identification System

The fingerprint access control system replaces the traditional key with the finger. When using the fingerprint access control system, the finger can be flatly placed on the collection window of the fingerprint acquisition device to complete the unlocking task. The operation is very simple and avoids other access control systems (such as passwords and identification cards) May be forged, misappropriated, forgotten, cracked and other defects.

Fingerprint identification access control system is to use fingerprint identification technology to verify identity. Fingerprints are portable, all different, but also the same for life. RFID cards may be borrowed, fingerprints can not be borrowed. Fingerprint identification access control system is more secure and accurate, the media used will not be forgotten and lost. At present, the cost of fingerprint identification access control system is equivalent to that of RFID card access control system because the fingerprint is without cost.

Iris identification access control

Iris recognition technology is currently the most accurate means of identification of biological recognition methods, and other identification techniques compared to iris recognition has the following characteristics:


Commissioned by the British government, the British National Physical Laboratory (NPL) tested seven technologies, including retina, iris, fingerprint, palmprint, face, voice, and handbook dynamics. The report said: iris, the highest accuracy of the retina, the face is "the most inaccurate," fingerprints to improve the accuracy of fingerprints to be collected ten fingers. In addition, the Japanese Automatic Identification Workshop (AIM) gave false acceptance rates for different technologies. The iris is 1200 times more accurate than the fingerprint, 12,000 more accurately than the face, and 40,000 times more accurate than the sound. AIM believes that the least accurate of the seven techniques is voice recognition.


NPL believes that the anti-deceptive iris, the strongest retina, fingerprints, palm prints easy to fake, the signature can be imitated, the sound can be replaced by recording, the face is "the most easily deceived." For example: Each time you use the fingerprint will leave a printed film, it is easy to get by others to create fake fingerprints.


The NPL believes that the retina is difficult to capture in the fundus and has the worst prospects for development. It is difficult for the dark iris to capture the available images (actually the images are difficult to correctly identify); the microphones that require high fidelity for sound; the high precision cameras for the face and the palm prints ; Book requires special tablet, can not use the computer's existing configuration; fingerprint image easy, but belong to the contact acquisition. The disadvantage of contact acquisition is easy to contaminate equipment, affecting accuracy. In addition, fingerprinting, there are physical labor to wear the texture, the elderly affect the use of dry fingers and other issues. The iris using an ordinary camera can be obtained, no harm to the human body and convenient.

Security Level

Face Recognition, Speech Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition and Pattern Recognition in the Field of Pattern Recognition

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