· Breaking the way to focus on children's safety summit

On December 6th, the “First Child Safety Safety High-Level Forum” hosted by the National Security Production Supervision and Administration Center and the Education and Publications Institute of the Ministry of Education, and the Ryukyu Auto Media Group, was held at the Yuyuan Building of the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Held, many ministries and leaders and business representatives attended the forum and expressed their insights on children's safety.
After the development of the "Golden Decade", China has become the world's largest automobile production and sales country. About 150 million car ownership allows us to enter the "automobile society" in advance, but the major contradictions brought by the automobile society are also prominent. This includes the contradiction between increasing car ownership and traffic congestion; the contradiction between automobile operation and environmental pollution; the contradiction between the advent of automobile society and the lack of automobile civilization; the contradiction between bad driving habits and traffic safety, etc. Wait. In addition, the lighter concept of car safety is even more worrying, especially for the safety of children and adolescents, who are currently facing a lack of safety knowledge and lack of safety awareness.
Huang Yi, a special researcher of the State Council Counselor and a spokesperson of the State Administration of Work Safety, pointed out in his speech that the safety of children's rides is an important issue in the field of public production safety, and it is also a hot spot that the safety production supervision and management department has always paid attention to. From the height of adhering to the red line of life, we must deeply understand the great significance of doing a good job in children's car safety; we must also dare to face up to the problems in the safety of children's rides; we must strengthen the management of children's ride safety through means of legal governance." . Huang Yi also put forward the lawful governance, strengthen policy research and support for children's car safety work, explore the effective operation mode of children's ride safety, create a public opinion atmosphere that pays attention to children's ride safety, and effectively strengthen leadership and implement relevant departments. Five specific recommendations such as responsibility.
Qiu Wentian, director of the Education and Social Security Center of the State Administration of Work Safety, and Xia Yue, deputy director of the Education and Press Office of the Ministry of Education, put forward specific opinions and suggestions from the perspective of publicity education and public opinion supervision of children's car safety; Liu Shi, deputy dean of Beijing People's Police College In specific cases, a detailed analysis of the adverse effects of uncivilized traffic on children's ride safety was carried out; Minister Zhang Qiang of Yutong Bus School Bus Management Department and Ningbo Yingfu Baby Products Co., Ltd. from school to school bus and child car safety seat The market status and problems of the chair have been deeply interpreted.
In the following salon session, the editor of the Ryukyu Automobile Media Group, Chen Hao, and the distinguished guests discussed the issues, countermeasures and suggestions for the safety of children's rides around the theme of “breaking the way”, in order to serve as the policy director for children's safety. Departments, industry associations, related companies, and related media provide important references for promoting children's rides.
Due to the great contribution made in promoting the safety of children riding, this forum organizing committee also awarded FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. “2014 Children's Car Safety Enterprise Contribution Award” and awarded Yutong Bus Group “Best in 2014”. The school bus production enterprise” was awarded the “Best Baby Car Seat Brand of 2014” by the “Baby First” brand of Ningbo Yingfu Baby Products Co., Ltd.

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