“Bird's Nest Tailoring” CNC Intersecting Line Cutting Machine Makes Great Contributions

What is the appearance of the wire cutter and how much is it worth? In addition to professionals, few people have seen CNC intersecting wire cutters. However, many people have been to the Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center. The steel pipes in the center of the center are drilled and welded by this cutting machine.

In fact, the CNC intersecting wire cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine. In all large tubular steel structures, this machine tool can create complex weld bevels for the connection between steel pipes. In the construction of the "Bird's Nest", the welding between the pipes supporting the heavy responsibility is inseparable from such machine tools. The successful unloading of the "Bird's Nest" fully demonstrates that the strength of the machine's groove is welded to the design and meets the design requirements.

"Don't underestimate this seemingly cold guy, it is a senior steel tailor, armed with 6 patented technologies, and condensed the efforts and sweat of 6 R&D personnel for nearly 3 years." Li Weihai, deputy chief engineer of the research and development center of Sihai Company, gave the Olympic champion such evaluation.

In 1996, when foreign CNC intersecting wire cutters dominated the Chinese market, Sihai decided to develop such machines independently. As the project leader, Li Weihai led five companions to start a difficult three-year research and development work.

In 1999, the first domestic CNC intersecting wire cutter with six patented technologies was born. According to Li Weihai, these six patents are screaming: the wireless rotary system solves the problem of wire winding caused by the rotation of the welding head during the welding process; the gapless adjustable deceleration system prolongs the service life of the components; fast preheating, stepless Perforation and pneumatic system technology greatly improve the working efficiency and product accuracy of the machine tool. Others such as hardware control system, software programming system and use control system are self-initiated and have independent intellectual property rights. The result of the expert appraisal is: "The product has reached the world's advanced level, and some technologies even exceed the world's advanced level." The development of the CNC intersecting wire cutting machine is successful. In professional terms, it uses a variable angle groove to truly realize the plane coordinates. The cutting of the cutting to the polar coordinate control of the three-dimensional cutting.

After the machine was put into production, it immediately broke the monopoly of foreign products, and gradually squeezed foreign products out of the Chinese market with price advantage and technological advantages. Nowadays, the CNC intersecting wire cutting machine produced by Sihai has successfully entered the Russian and Southeast Asian markets. Sihai has won the reputation of “King of CNC in China” because of its series of high-tech and highly competitive CNC machine tools.

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