Beiqi Holding’s new chief is about to take office

"According to the democratic recommendation, Comrade Xu Heyi, as party secretary of the Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Baijing"), is currently conducting an organizational inspection and publicizing it in accordance with relevant regulations."

On September 18, this public announcement issued by the party committee of the Beijing State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission appeared on the party building network of Beijing Auto Holdings. The inspection date was as of September 24. If there is no accident, after the "11th" holiday, Beiqi Holdings will usher in a new head.

An Qingheng, the 62-year-old chairman of BAIC Motor, will be retired from office and re-appointed as president of the Beijing Automotive Industry Association and vice chairman of Beijing Automotive Industry. This personnel change will affect the next step of the Beijing auto industry.

Xu Heyi and others

The 49-year-old Xu Heyi is no stranger to the media, takes charge of Beijing Modern and leads its rapid development, making Xu a sought-after audience for the media.

In June 2002, Beijing Automotive Investment Co., Ltd. was established as a prelude to the Hyundai joint venture with Korea. Xu Heyi, the then deputy director of the Beijing Economic Commission, served as chairman and general manager. The bottleneck that has long plagued the underinvestment in Beijing’s auto industry has been broken after the establishment of this investment platform.

On October 18, 2002, Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. was established. Xu Heyi became party secretary and chairman, and served as deputy party secretary and vice chairman of Beijing Auto Holding Corporation.

In December of the same year, the first Beijing Hyundai Sonata sedan rolled off the assembly line, creating a myth that the automobile joint venture had set up a car that year. Two years later, Beijing Hyundai Elantra went public and quickly profited. It completed the transformation of the second phase of 300,000 production lines. In 2005, Beijing taxis replaced. Beijing Hyundai's Sonata and Elantra defeated many competitors by virtue of their geographical location and models, becoming the capital's "new business card."

According to industry insiders familiar with the Beijing auto industry, “Xu Heyi, who has demonstrated outstanding performance and is in prime years, is the best candidate to succeed Beiqi Holdings.”

Xu's colleagues commented that Xu’s role is indispensable for both Hyundai’s joint venture operation and communication with the government.

An Qingheng Times

An Qingheng looks more like a well-preserved university professor. For more than 30 years, An Qingheng from the technician to the chairman witnessed and promoted the transformation of the Beijing Automotive Industry Phoenix.

After a glorious journey through entrepreneurial development, in the face of fierce market competition in the new century, the structural contradictions of the Beijing auto industry began to show, and the products deviated from the market demand and were once in a dilemma.

In September 2000, Beijing Automotive Industry Holdings Co., Ltd. was established. An Qingheng stepped in as a chairman.

In the era of An Qingheng, the Beijing auto industry recovered from adversity and achieved strategic cooperation with Hyundai and Dyke. It successfully built three major segments for cars, commercial vehicles and SUVs. Beijing Hyundai, Beijing Benz, Beiqi Foton and Beijing Automobile Manufacturing Factory IV. The strategic layout of large enterprises was initially completed.

Beiqi Next

Once Xu Beiyi became the new head of Beiqi Holdings, it will soon undergo a greater test.

Beijing Hyundai entered a period of calm, and the stamina still remains to be discovered; how Beijing's Mercedes-Benz project can bear fruit after landing; how to promote cooperation between Beiqi Foton and Dai-ke commercial vehicles is also a problem.

Cao He, deputy general manager of National Securities, said: “Xu took over BAIC Holdings and, in addition to its own performance, is associated with Beijing’s unification of BAK's three major segments and the idea of ​​seeking coordinated development.” He analyzed, “The reunification of the Beijing auto industry, It is very important for the future market."

In fact, the listing of the Group has become the only way for the domestic auto industry to expand and develop. Dongfeng and SAIC have already taken the lead. Xu's succession will hopefully accelerate the overall listing schedule of BAIC.


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