· Audi and Porsche will jointly develop electric vehicle platform

Audi and Porsche announced that they will cooperate in the development of electric vehicle platforms. It plans to invest nearly one billion euros by 2025. This will be the first large-scale cross-group R&D cooperation project within Volkswagen Group. The electric vehicle platform developed will be applied to the Volkswagen Group multi-brand.

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler and Porsche CEO Oliver Blume announced that Audi and Porsche will jointly develop electric vehicle platforms when accepting the German Stuttgart and Stuttgart News. The platform will include automotive floor and chassis, electric vehicle batteries and their components, electric motors, electric components and software.

Steader said: "By 2025, we will invest nearly one billion euros." Oliver Blume said: "If we go it alone, the cost will be 30% more."

More than 800 R&D personnel from Audi and Porsche will participate in the project. Oliver Blume said: “We have established two project bases, one at Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt and one at Porsche R&D Center in Weissach. This will be the first cross-group R&D cooperation project within the Volkswagen Group. In the past, a certain brand of Volkswagen led the development of a certain component, such as the engine developed by Audi in the Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Tour.

Audi and Porsche will launch a number of new and new generation models by 2021. Steader said: "Audi will launch two Limousinen and two SUVs."

Oliver Blume said that electric vehicles loaded with the electric vehicle platform developed by Audi and Porsche will be produced at the Porsche Leipzig plant.

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