Atlas Copco's new PowerROC D45 surface drilling rig

On April 16th, Atlas Copco launched the new PowerROC D45 surface drilling rig Copco PowerROC D45 new conference was successfully held in Nanjing. More than 80 customers, distributors and media representatives from all parts of the country attended the conference. The new PowerROC D45 full hydraulic open-air submerged drilling rig is practical, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly. It is designed to meet the needs of customers in China's aggregates, limestone mines, quarries and construction markets.

阿特拉斯·科普柯推出新型PowerROC D45露天钻机
Atlas Copco Introduces New PowerROC D45 Surface Rig

“Atlas Copco has been continuously innovating and is committed to providing local Chinese customers with products that are more cost-effective,” said Wen Yang, general manager of the Greater China Customer Center of Atlas Copco Mining and Rock Excavation Technology. At the press conference, the company said, "This rig we have introduced is based on Atlas Copco's proven full-hydraulic drilling rig technology. It combines high reliability with high output, and I believe it will give Our customers bring more productivity and greater economic benefits."
The drilling radius of the PowerROC D45 full-hydraulic submerged drilling surface drilling rig is 90-130 mm. This rig is simple in design, the number of components of the complete machine is effectively controlled, the failure rate of the equipment is significantly reduced, and the utilization rate of man-hours is improved; its compact structure And efficient system, save fuel consumption, excellent climbing ability makes the transition easier.
“Now the borehole diameters commonly used in aggregate mines and quarries are 115 mm, and PowerROC D45 can well meet the drilling needs of most applications.” Atlas Copco Nanjing Construction and Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. Senior Product Manager Xu Weiwen said at the new product launch conference, “The device is simple to operate and very easy to maintain. It is believed that in the near future it will become the best-selling product on the market.”
The automatic rod changing system of the PowerROC D45 full-hydraulic submersible drilling rig allows the drilling process to be continuous and stable. Ergonomic rig cab and two-stage dry dust collection system can provide operators with a safe and comfortable working environment and effectively control dust emissions.
This highly cost-effective full-hydraulic submersible drilling rig PowerROC D45 drilling rig has now been fully launched in the Chinese market, the first rig has been ordered by Hunan Yiyang customers. (This article from Atlas Copco clicks into the Atlas Copco Online Purchase page )

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