Air pollution prevention and control supervision and rectification of scattered pollution problems are mainly clustered in small enterprises

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The Ministry of Environmental Protection recently reported on the intensive supervision of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding air pollution prevention and control. Six inspectors inspected 110 enterprises and found that 15 companies involved air pollution problems, three companies belonging to the problem of “scattering pollution”, two companies that did not install pollution control facilities, and two companies that did not operate pollution control facilities. There are 8 companies with problems in the management of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Analysts pointed out that the fourth batch of environmental supervision work will be completed in the fall, and the autumn is in the high season of air pollution. This year, as the end of the "Atmosphere Ten", all localities will face assessment pressure. Under the pressure of environmental protection supervision, investment opportunities in related fields will gradually strengthen.

Focus on remediation of "scattering pollution"

In this environmental supervision, it was found that the problem of “scattering pollution” was mainly found in small enterprises.

The inspection team sent by the Ministry of Environmental Protection inspected 110 enterprises (units) and found that 15 companies had environmental problems. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the inspection team in Hebei Province sank to 12 counties, and a total of 347 specific mission points of the “1+18” special program were verified on site, and 69 points were found. The problem was that the inspection team in Henan Province sank to 9 counties and verified the completion of 693 specific mission points of 29 tasks in the “Three Treatments and Three Treatments” program.

According to the inspections conducted by the inspection team, there are still problems in the reform and ban of “disintegration and pollution” in some areas of Hebei Province and Henan Province.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, in this inspection, Kaiping District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, formulated a phased remediation plan for “disorganized pollution” enterprises, requiring that the closure of the category should be completed before the end of June, and the rectification and rectification should be completed. The remediation was completed before the end of the month. According to random inspections by the inspection team, 5 of the 8 “disrupted and dirty” enterprises that were shut down were not able to meet the “two breaks and three clears” banning requirements; among the 8 enterprises that stopped production and rectification, “disorganized pollution”, Tangshan Oriental Rolling Co., Ltd. The company, Epton Oriental Decoration Materials Factory is still producing, and three other companies have recent signs of production.

Related companies benefit

The “scattering pollution” enterprise is an important target of this environmental protection supervision. The rectification requirement is to implement “two breaks and three clears” before September 30 (ie, water cut, power cut, clear raw materials, clear equipment, clear site). The industries involved in “scattering pollution” include machining, stone, electroplating, brick, chemical, carbon, etc.

At the same time, this is still excess capacity in environmental supervision inspection-based, iron and steel, coke, cement and other key industries for the supervision, basic chemicals, nonferrous metals, power up supervision differently in different regions. Analysts pointed out that environmental supervision is the starting point for supply-side reform. Through strong environmental supervision, the supply side of the above-mentioned industries will shrink.

From the current situation, the issue of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions has become more and more prominent, resulting in pollution emissions of 25 million tons, far exceeding the specifications of more than 13 million tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Chuan Cai Securities pointed out that under the pressure of environmental protection supervision, it is expected that the pollutant discharge enterprises will accelerate the transformation of the end treatment of desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal, and atmospheric environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises are expected to benefit.

With the continuous deepening of air pollution prevention and control work, enterprises with ultra-low emission engineering, environmental monitoring and operation of the entire industrial chain will benefit. Guotai Junan pointed out that due to the small size and high concentration of the environmental monitoring industry, the “small but fine” environmental segmentation industry is expected to increase in the market.

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