Agricultural Technician: Don't lose the direction of service

[China Agricultural Machinery Network Industry News] In Australia's traditional pesticide sales system, channel operators have always controlled the vast majority of the market share, even when there are new business models in the market to explore, such as the e-commerce model, the channel is also Confidence is full of belief that they are the direction of future agricultural development. All of them are separated from the agricultural plant protection technology services and talk about selling pesticides.
Agricultural Technician: Don't lose the direction of service

Therefore, the retailers of the channel merchants have not had to worry about the future because they have their own agricultural technology team and can easily sell the concept of pesticides and services to farmers. After the e-commerce and other modes have died in Australia, the market once thought that the good model may be the mode of the store plus the technician.
Until recently, the author found that in the development of the Australian market in the past two years, a new phenomenon has quietly occurred, and this phenomenon has made me feel that the future agricultural development scene seems to be less clear, what is the trend? I will take the phenomenon out here and hope to discuss it with my peers.
More and more agricultural technicians are starting to rely solely on technical services. They are not affiliated with any agricultural company or pesticide supplier. They have signed annual technology with local farmers based on their familiarity with local crops for many years. The service agreement, according to the time plan, the technician is responsible for the full-scale technical service from crop planting to harvesting, and charges technical service fees.
This kind of is similar to the separation of medicines and medical treatment. They are responsible for seeing a doctor. They have questions about what products to use, but for which brand, what price, the decision is right for the farmer himself.
The emergence of this phenomenon is actually breaking the traditional mode of store plus technicians or effectively supplementing the market model. It is still difficult to judge. But analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of this model may allow us to see breakthroughs in the future.
There are two kinds of thinking directions in the market. The first is to cultivate farmers into "fools". Farmers don't have to bother with worrying, handing over to service companies, when to sow pesticides, what medicines to use, how to use them, farmers don't need to ask questions. The service company guarantees that the harvest of the crop at the time of harvest meets the guaranteed amount at the time of contract signing.
The starting point of this approach is to completely liberate the peasants. Apart from land and funds, the rest are not self-consideration issues. The service company takes over the whole process and collects them on a case-by-case basis. The pain point of excavation is the lazy gene in human nature. Will the future of this direction be the unified farming system after the intensive land?
Another way of thinking is to spread the books to the farmers, to refine each cost, which one is the seed cost, which one is the pesticide cost, which one is the technical service labor fee, and the control of all costs is paid For farmers, farmers decide how to control and measure. The purpose of technical services is to make farmers more aware and train them to become professional managers. The pain point of excavation is the satisfaction of the desire to control in human nature. Will the future of this direction be a flat social division of labor?
These two directions are precisely the two phenomena on the market at present. One is the model of store plus technicians, the continuous provision of comprehensive services, technology-driven product sales, and gradually deepening every aspect of farmers' cultivation. This model is the trend. If there is a monopoly, then there may be only two or three traditional channels in Australia in the future. The other is a pure technical service model. It doesn't play tricky, only earns your technical service fee, while other cost management and purchasing rights are given to farmers. This fully open model will bring e-commerce to the future. New opportunities.
As an agricultural technician, no matter which mode, whether left or right, their future voice will become bigger and bigger, which will be beyond doubt.
(Original title: Where is the direction of agricultural technicians? Australian agricultural development gives us thinking!)

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