Michelin 2012 Road Safety Campus Activities Enters Nanh…

In December 2012, the Michelin 2012 road safety campus activity entered Ping Chau in the South China Sea and local traffic police took a road safety education class for one hundred primary school students to cultivate students' safety travel habits. It is reported that Michelin has held-----

China-EU Civilian "Three Forms" (Water Meter,…

Recently, the China-European Institute of Metrology Association's "Three Watches" (Water Meter, Gas Meter, Electricity Meter) Intelligence Standards Symposium was held in Jinan, and Zhu Yonghong, Director of the Henan Institute of Metrology, participated in the meeting. "Civil Thr-----

Extend Petroleum 5 Technology Centers Unveiled

China Drying News On December 18th, at the 2nd Science and Technology Innovation Conference held by Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group, relying on the Yanchang Petroleum Group to extend the Yanan National Land Phase Shale Gas Demonstration Zone and shale gas exploration and development in Shaanxi Pr-----

Several principles of mold selection

(I) Molds meet working conditions 1, wear resistance When the billet plastically degenerates in the cavity of the mold, it flows and slides along the surface of the cavity, causing violent friction between the surface of the cavity and the blank, resulting in failure of the mold due to w-----

Global LED lighting market revenue will grow at a rate …

Based on surveys of lighting professionals and consumers, as well as global surveys of other input factors, world-leading global management consulting firms have recently announced their estimates of the global market for lighting markets up to 2020, including Differential analysis of applications,-----

Car networking in the era of big data

With the continuous development of the Internet, big data is becoming an upsurge, and the discussion of big data in the industry has reached an unprecedented peak . As a result of the emergence of mobile internet, car networking is a big issue whether it is the access of vehicles, the select-----

From January to July, the gross output value of agricul…

The reporter learned from relevant parties that the total output value of the engine for the agricultural machinery industry from January to July increased by 22.26% year-on-year. The sales of large tractor engines were 43,985, an increase of -9.34% year-on-year. The sales of medium-sized -----