[Meter's Latest Patent] Remote Water Meter

[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today we will introduce a national invention-authorized patent – ​​the remote water meter. The patent was applied for by Tianjin Zhongtian Electronic Development Co., Ltd. and was authorized on -----

Guowu Dongfeng Dolly D6 five-ton sprinkler

Guowu Dongfeng Dolly D6 five-ton sprinkler Chusheng CSC5070GSS5 sprinkler is mainly used for various road washing, trees, green belts, lawn greening, construction of roads, factories and mines, high-altitude building flushing. It has the functions of watering, dusting, high and low level spra-----

· Dongfeng Infiniti signed a strategic cooperation agr…

On June 9th, 2017, Dongfeng Infiniti signed a contract with a car rental project and the new QX30 delivery ceremony was officially launched in Shanghai. A car rental contract with Infiniti signed 500 new QX30 fleet purchase contracts for a short trip. Rent a car business. Users will be able to expe-----

Analyze why ground resistance readings are inaccurate

All kinds of detections need to make the reading of the test data accurate, and many factors in the lightning protection detection will cause the grounding resistance reading to be inaccurate. This article simply analyzes several reasons for the inaccuracy of grounding resistance readings and thei-----

One second to understand the smart meter power

Introduction: The smart meter has only one LCD screen. If it is a single phase, it will directly display the total battery power and the remaining battery power. Direct reading can be done. The smart meter is a smart terminal of the smart grid. It is not a traditional electric energy mete-----

Development and application of PTFE oil seal for drivin…

Descriptor: Active gear oil seal Zhang Qing: 1% 5 years old, female, Yuejin Automobile Group, the quality department of the company, senior engineer. 1 Overview With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the reliability requirements for the engine, chassis and other assemblies are gett-----

Study on Beneficiation Process of Low Grade Copper Ore

First, the nature of the ore A mineral arsenic, sulfur and copper deposit, containing ore types of secondary enrichment copper sulfide. Metal mineral content (5.9%), mainly useful for metallic minerals pyrite, blue chalcocite - chalcocite, covellite, enargite - block enargite small to trace amount-----