Enterprise Environmental Management

Enterprise environmental protection refers to protecting and improving the natural environment of enterprises and creating a suitable environment for protecting human health and promoting economic development. The natural environment includes both the natural natural environment and the natural env-----

Current status of copper ore ore beneficiation abroad

Copper- molybdenum ore is one of the main sources of molybdenum, while Chile, the United States, Canada, Peru, Mexico and the Soviet Union are the main countries for the recovery of molybdenum concentrate from copper-molybdenum ore. Foreign practice shows that the copper-molybdenum deposits mined i-----

Effect of slurry temperature on oxidation leaching rate…

The dissolution rate of gold in the oxide solution increases with increasing temperature and is maximum at around 85 °C. The relationship between the dissolution rate of gold and temperature is shown in the figure below. However, as the temperature increases, the oxygen content in the solution d-----

Experimental study on iron removal and phosphorus reduc…

Iron ore as the main raw material for the steel industry is an important strategic resource of a country, in recent years, with the rapid development of the steel metallurgical industry, the demand for iron ore raw materials is also growing. However, the limited iron-rich ore and easy-choice iron o-----

Bauxite beneficiation and processing technology

Bauxite beneficiation relatively simple, generally using hand-selected, like Guangxi Pingguo Aluminum Plant, designed with "three broken two wash - hand-selected process with the development of refractories and aluminum oxide industry, the production of bauxite, the raw material More and more -----

Leaching procedure and work system - heap washing

The heap must be washed before it is sprayed. Its purpose is to wash away the impurities mixed in the pile-up process, especially to remove some harmful impurities, to create conditions for spray leaching. The gold heap leaching, required alkaline water (milk of lime or caustic soda to the washing -----

Study on flotation new technology of skarn type high su…

I. Introduction It belongs to a large complex skarn sulfur iron sulphide copper ore, copper sulfur flotation process undergone full hybrid flotation, selective flotation process step to float the like may be (or mixture selected portion) of the transformation process. The original design of the mi-----