Misunderstanding of Engine Oil Consumption on Sprinkler…

There are certain misunderstandings about the use of chassis oil by friends of the sprinkler drivers: It is considered that the oil is cut off as full as possible. In their opinion, the more oil added, the better the lubrication of the engine, and it can al-----

Self-drive car rental preferred fashion new Jin Xuan

The most beautiful April day! Going to a “small and fresh” city for a long trip will bring you the scenery, blowing the sea breeze, and taking pictures. It will be the best trip ever. In order to freely and willingly embrace this wish, for those-----

Atlas Copco's new PowerROC D45 surface drilling rig

On April 16th, Atlas Copco launched the new PowerROC D45 surface drilling rig Copco PowerROC D45 new conference was successfully held in Nanjing. More than 80 customers, distributors and media representatives from all parts of the country attended the conference. The new PowerROC D45 full hydraulic-----

The development of dryer equipment drives the machinery…

According to industry association statistics, the dryer market in China has broad prospects, and it has formed a certain scale of development. The types and types of equipment are also constantly increasing and expanding. Now the dryers have already reflected their contributions to the industry in-----

Quality supervision makes the company responsible

Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Action Plan for the Implementation of the Outline for Quality Development in 2015" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan"). “Strengthening the main body of quality is the enterprise, not the government.â-----

Autonomous truck company: innovation and future develop…

With the rapid increase in demand for heavy trucks in China's commercial vehicle market and the gradual saturation of foreign commercial vehicle markets, China has suddenly become the world's largest commercial vehicle market. It is precisely for this reason that multinational corporations-----

Industry experts teach you how to maintain the process …

The maintenance process of the process calibrator The calibrator must be properly maintained during use. In particular, a precision measuring instrument such as the Const 318 Const318 intelligent process calibrator is easy to measure at work without maintenance. Errors, such consequences are very se-----