Plastic processing industry to accelerate the transform…

This year is the year when the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" ends. From the perspective of the implementation of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", all goals, targets, tasks, and tasks defined in the "Planning" can basically be realized smoothly. The plastics processing industr-----

Paradise umbrella series umbrella installation effect

For details, please double-click: Product Description:coarse crusher High efficiency low consumption Working Method: This machine is of horizontal crushing structure. The material is fed into the crushing chamber through a hopper, crushed by cutting and imp-----

Fourteen car safety details to be understood by the own…

Safe driving and safe entry and exit are the things most car owners want to do. For this reason, they don't hesitate to buy safe cars. However, vehicle safety is not limited to safety configurations and safe car bodies, but it also runs through some details and has to be checked. 1. Whether i-----

Oil saving method of rice single-tree thresher

In order to reduce people's labor intensity, the rice threshing work is performed using a mobile rice thresher, which can also improve work efficiency. The supporting power of the thresher is mostly a small gasoline engine and consumes a lot of gasoline during use. In order to save o-----

The Application of Street Lamp Cable Fault Tester in th…

The Application of Street Lamp Cable Fault Tester in the Location of Street Lamp Cable Faults In recent years, cities and towns in China have implemented urban lighting projects, making our city's night sky colorful, but municipal construction and other road construction often cause damage to-----

Triplication frequency generator purchase and field tes…

Trial Frequency Power Generator Field Test Considerations 1、Triple frequency generator has over current protection. It is set to 80% of the rated output current when it is delivered from the factory. When it is used for small load, it should be re-tuned according to the actual condition of -----

Gas Turbine Flow Meter Industry Development

The industry’s dominant, core, or key role in the gas turbine flowmeter industry is miniaturization, intelligence, and networking. This background and situation have constantly brought higher, newer and more demands to the gas turbine flowmeter industry, such as faster demand, higher sensiti-----